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    The NMI was recently mentioned by DiscoverUGA, as a program that's making innovation happen within the university! Click "Read More" to see how the NMI, along with other programs, are pursuing this concept of innovation and making it a way of life!
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    Coming from any major, NMI students receive a New Media Certificate attesting that they are technowledgeable—they know how to apply new media in their chosen field. Committed to innovative and realistic new media applications, NMI projects address real world demands in a variety of contexts.
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Capstone News: SaveUGA

Capstone News: SaveUGAWhat if historical video footage of UGA's campus, sporting events and monumental moments were at risk to never be viewed again by the public? Did you know that an iconic sports moment - - the 1943 Rose Bowl [UGA versus UCLA], UGA’s only Rose Bowl win to date - - was almost lost due to its age? Shelves of film canisters are stored in a high density vault at UGA’s Special Collections Library waiting to [Read more]

Capstone News: TEDxUGA+

Capstone News: TEDxUGA+At TEDxUGA, faculty and staff, students and alumni come together to listen to ideas presented by live speakers and through TED videos. The TEDx program was created to bring communities, organizations and individuals together to spark discussion and connections through a local TED-like experience – x = independently organized TED event. While audience members may enjoy listening to the talks that are given, they do not usually connect and interact with one another. Through the [Read more]

Capstone News: Georgia River Route

Capstone News: Georgia River RouteIf you’re planning a trip along a Georgia Water Trail, getting all the information you need can be a daunting task. Georgia River Route is a tool to help users prepare to enjoy Georgia’s rivers by providing valuable information such as access points, campgrounds and outfitters near their recreation destinations. Working with the Georgia River Network, Georgia River Route has organized a large amount of data about Georgia’s rivers into an easy to use responsive web [Read more]

Capstone News: Team Impact

Capstone News: Team Impact Wouldn’t it be cool if we could create personalized Facebook messages with OpenGraph Facebook technology to target certain demographics with anti-smoking messages? We at Team Impact KNOW smoking is a PREVENTABLE issue. In fact, the number one most preventable cause of death is tobacco use in the United States. Each year, close to 450,000 people in our country die due to smoking causes! 45 million people in the United States alone smoke. And secondhand smoke effects [Read more]

Capstone News: i3L

Capstone News: i3LYou can easily make transfers across bank accounts online, view your grade report, and even buy those cozy winter boots that you’ve been dying to have. Why should healthcare be any different? Fortunately, Georgia Tech's Data Interoperability and Integration Innovation Lab shares this mission. They have helped bring our antiquated healthcare system out of the age of endless paperwork and into an entirely new arena, the digital one. Our team, from the New Media Institute at [Read more]

Capstone News: Bring the Kids

Capstone News: Bring the Kids  Bring the Kids provides event childcare for weddings, corporate conferences, and other special occasions. As a host, you no longer have to worry about your guests not being able to attend your party because they cannot find a babysitter. Catering to a wide range of ages, Bring the Kids imparts dependable, safe, and fun childcare services that parents can sign up for when RSVP’ing to an event. Problem: Bring the Kids needs a way for their [Read more]

Capstone News: Georgia Bikes

Capstone News: Georgia BikesImagine a driving nightmare. You don’t know where you should be in your lane, you’re unclear about your traffic signals, or maybe you feel pressure from every other driver around you. Now imagine all of these things combined. Welcome to the reality of cycling in a world of cars. The department of transportation says bicycles and pedestrians comprise 10.5% of all fatalities in Georgia – more than other crash types and users. Worse yet, Georgia ranks [Read more]

Capstone News: US Fish & Wildlife Service

Capstone News: US Fish & Wildlife Service Of the 4,000 native or naturalized plant and animal species in Georgia, approximately 10 percent are in danger of becoming extinct. Without the help of Georgia’s residents, this number is only going to rise.Unfortunately, most people are either not aware of this problem, don’t know what they can do to help, or simply don't have the information necessary to make a difference. This is where we come in. Along with the Georgia division of the [Read more]

Capstone News: Vintage Athens

Capstone News:  Vintage AthensThe city of Athens, GA is well-known for several things: The University of Georgia, the football played in Sanford Stadium, the music scene, even just the college town feel of so many local businesses. In Athens, there is an intrinsic feeling of pride when one can take part in supporting a local business, seeing local bands perform at Athfest, or be a spectator in the Twilight bike race or the AthHalf marathon. No matter what [Read more]

Capstone News: Slingshot

Capstone News: SlingshotSlingshot is a one-of-a-kind a music, electronic art, and technology festival that takes place in Downtown Athens. This festival pushes boundaries and exposes festival goers to ideas and experiences that are truly unique. The few short days of the event are full of international, national, and local acts on stage, artworks throughout the urban environment, and tech talks with leading innovators. The problem that arises from all of this activity, though, is that festival goers [Read more]