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    It is time to start our search for presenters for TEDxUGA 2015! If you would like to nominate an alumni, faculty or staff member you can turn in nominations now. Get info on applying for the student speaker competition!
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    The NMI was recently mentioned by DiscoverUGA, as a program that's making innovation happen within the university! Click "Read More" to see how the NMI, along with other programs, are pursuing this concept of innovation and making it a way of life!
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  • What is the NMI?

    Coming from any major, NMI students receive a New Media Certificate attesting that they are technowledgeable—they know how to apply new media in their chosen field. Committed to innovative and realistic new media applications, NMI projects address real world demands in a variety of contexts.
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TED Nominations and Student Speaker Competition
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Student Spotlight: Laura Lambourne - Meet our NMI Student Spotlight of the week– Laura Lambourne! Laura is an exceptional senior planning to take her new media skills out into the digital and social media marketing world. Question: What about technology are you in love with? Laura: I love how technology is always changing and improving. Technology is incredible in that it helps […]
Student Spotlight: Katie Badeaux - Another of our exciting and energetic NMI Scouts, Katie Badeaux has more than earned her student spotlight! Katie is a junior here at UGA majoring in Geography. Between her intense courses and working so closely with the New Media program, Katie finds time to nurture her loves for both trumpet-playing and writing. She amazed us […]

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Capstone News: uTOPIA

Capstone News: uTOPIA With uTOPIA, we hope to provide an easy-to-use travel application that acts as your own personal travel agent, eliminating the stress and decision making when it comes to choosing a travel destination. Being able to choose your destination based on your own interests makes uTOPIA one of a kind as it pulls from your information via Open Graph. The user never has to give the application any information about themselves; it is already done for [Read more]

Capstone News: Fuel Your Life

Capstone News: Fuel Your LifeDiabetes is a disease that affects 8.3 percent of the US population. This equates to roughly 25.8 million Americans. The disease’s prevalence increased six percent in the last year as obesity rates continue to climb too. This issue is especially problematic in blue-collar and office workers who do not have particularly active lifestyles or the ability to take control of their eating, sleeping, and exercise schedules. The Fuel Your Life app works in conjunction with the [Read more]

Capstone News: Target Spotlight

Capstone News: Target Spotlight As a web application, Target Spotlight hopes to ease the stress of decorating and moving into a dorm. The app is a convenient way for students and parents to shop for their future room and see how the products work together before purchasing them. Essentially, users will be able to tap a Target product and have it appear in the frame to capture the overall look of the space they aim to decorate. Accessible via computer or mobile [Read more]

Capstone News: LaughOnLine

Capstone News: LaughOnLineThe LaughOnLine App is a mobile optimized web app that engages users with interactive comedic content. The app provides comedy fans with easy access to fun, stand-up content and the opportunity to rate up-and-coming comedians. The LaughOnLine app will showcase the “Fresh Faces” comedians who perform once a month at the Laugh Factory comedy club in Los Angeles. The LaughOnLine App can be used to rate comedian performances and videos, as well as to enjoy new stand-up comedy videos and [Read more]

Capstone News: MenuMedia

Capstone News: MenuMedia Sometimes line item lists on the menu can be misleading which can make the diner feel ignorant or uninformed enough to order something risky on the menu. Menumedia breaks the barrier between restaurant patrons and the menu. Instead of feeling lost or confused when ordering, the diner can order with confidence. Menumedia is a mobile application that enhances the fine dining experience by taking the menu beyond the page. The easy and cool part about Menumedia [Read more]

Capstone News: ArtBeat

Capstone News: ArtBeatHave you ever been in a local restaurant and admired a piece of art that hangs on the walls? You probably wondered who the artist is, or what is the story behind the piece of work. Wouldn't it be cool if you were able to view the artwork and also interact with it? ArtBeat is an interactive, mobile app that allows users to be connected to local art and artists in their area. Once downloaded to [Read more]

Capstone News: Grady 100

Capstone News: Grady 100Grady 100 will honor Grady College’s past while demonstrating Grady’s remarkable pursuit of the technologies that will define the future of journalism and mass communication. We aim to inspire and influence Grady alumni, current and prospective students to donate to the College. Our approach to promoting Grady consists of three main segments: an interactive history of Grady, a map of Grady alumni’s current locations and an appeal for donations to Grady. Our interactive history will [Read more]

Capstone News: StatShot

Capstone News: StatShot It is endlessly frustrating to miss the Big Moment. Especially during live sports, when victories and losses can hinge on a matter of milliseconds. Missing the Big Moment while you’re sitting on the couch, surfing for athlete stats on a second device, is even more maddening – all it would take to remedy this is to combine those devices. Enter StatShot, a mobile device that turns a sports viewing experience into a statistical database for sports [Read more]

Capstone News: FastAid

Capstone News: FastAidIt takes a lot of confidence to approach an emergency situation as a first responder. What if you got certified a couple years ago and are out of practice? Or what if you forget the proper steps to take when confronted with an actual emergency? FastAid is a Google Glass Application that will not act as a replacement for CPR and First Aid certifications, but rather as an aid to supplement professional training and instill confidence [Read more]

Capstone News: Sneak Peak

Capstone News: Sneak Peak Capstone students have been working hard on their final projects, and we know you're dying to learn about what they've got in the works! Our first Capstone Project post will go live next Thursday, but to hold you over until then, we've prepared a sneak peak of ALL TEN of our wonderful projects. Check them out!     Statshot - A multiscreen application that provides sports statistics across multiple devices.       FastAid - An application designed for Google Glass to assist previously [Read more]

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Beyond just unraveling the mechanisms of this powerful cultural influence, the study of media provides practical economic benefits for universities, including jobs for graduates, revenue generation through commercialization, and economic development. Higher education is at the epicenter of new media change.

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(Big Data) Really Gets Me is an ongoing project by the New Media Institute that explores the commercial and societal issues relating to a new a era of personalization made possible through massive, permeable data sources..

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