The Certificate


The New Media Certificate is open to students in all undergraduate majors and graduate concentrations. To earn the certificate, a student must complete 17 credit hours: 11 hours of NMIX core curriculum plus 6 elective hours. Students must earn a B- or better in each certificate course. Because of high demand, some courses require an application and POD. The certificate journey and details regarding class offerings can be found below.

The Certificate Journey

Schedule an Advising Session

This is not required, however we recommend that students come by our graduate assistant office to make sure they know which classes they need to take in order to complete the certificate. Drop in advising hours are listed at the bottom of this page.

Add The Certificate

Sign into Athena
Select Student.
Select My Programs.
Select Add Certificate.
Select New Media. Save.

NMIX 2020
Intro to New Media

Fall: MWF 2:30-3:20
Summer: Online
No Application or POD

NMIX 4110/6110
New Media Production

Fall & Spring: MWF
Summer: Online
Application & POD Required

NMIX 4220/4221
Digital Brown Bag

Fall & Spring
T 2:30
No Application or POD

NMIX 4510/6510
New Media Capstone

Fall & Spring
TR 3:30
Application & POD Required

Elective 1

Choose from a list of NMIX or approved electives.

Elective 2

Choose from a list of NMIX or approved electives.

Graduation Paperwork

Complete Certificate on Transcript.
Attach unofficial transcript.
Apply to graduate in Athena.

NMIX Electives

The New Media Certificate requires 6 elective credits. Students can choose any NMIX electives or courses from the approved electives list.

NMIX 4111
New Media Design

Fall & Spring: MWF
Application & POD Required

NMIX 4310/6310
Rich Media Production

Fall & Spring: TR 12:30
Application & POD Required

NMIX 4490/6490
Directed Study

POD & Faculty Commitment Required

NMIX 4200/6200
New Media Photography

Fall & Spring: TR 11:00
Application & POD Required

NMIX 5010
New Media Internship

Application Packet Required

NMIX 4200/6200
New Media & TED

Fall & Spring: TR 3:30
Application & POD Required


Questions about NMIX classes or the certificate journey? Drop-in advising is available Wednesday 11A-12P and Thursday 2P-3P. Please see any of the graduate assistants in room 403C.