EM Masters Test

This Master's degree concentration is designed for students who wish to gain understanding of emerging media, developing content, and strategically managing emerging media to further personal career goals and those of their employers. The degree is designed to accommodate students from a variety of different undergraduate backgrounds (e.g., business, communication, computer science, engineering, public health, etc.). For students with necessary prerequisite skills (listed below), the program can be completed in one year (three semesters, 33 semester hours). For those needing to take the prerequisite course, the program can be completed in 16 months (four semesters, 36 semester hours).

Prerequisite Skills: Prior to enrollment, all admitted students are required to complete a competency test (unless they elect to take the NMIX 6110 course). For those applicants lacking skills in HTML and CSS coding and basic web design knowledge, the leading summer NMIX 6110 course will be necessary to guarantee the proper grounding.



First Summer
NMIX 6110: New Media Production
Students without the requisite web design and coding skills will need to take this online course.
JRMC 7010 Digital Media Design & Aesthetics
JRMC 7011 Emerging Media Project Management and Innovation Ideation
ADPR 7760 Digital and Social Communication Strategies
JRMC 8010 Media Research
7012 Digital Media Storytelling
8016 Media Interaction and Design and Usability
2 Electives (Suggestions: Management, Law, Software Development, Statistics)
Final Summer
ADPR 7750 Social Media Analytics, Listening, & Engagement or JRMC 8250 Social Network Analysis
JRMC 7015 Emerging Media Capstone
1 Elective (Suggestions: Advertising, Brand Management, Engineering, Journalism, Marketing, Public Health, Public Relations)