NMIX 4220/4221

New Media Topics I and II

INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Scott A. Shamp
OFFICE:  403K Journalism
MEETING:  Tuesday, 2:00pm-3:15pm
PHONE:  706.542.0893



Explore new media technologies, issues, and applications.

Required Readings

The New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com)

Standards Of Practice

Classes in the New Media Institute will teach you about new media. They will also teach you how to be successful professionals in whatever field you choose. Below you will find some standards of practices for students in New Media Institute (NMIX) classes. Adhering to these rules will not only make you a more successful student, practicing them in your career will make you a better professional. If you feel that you cannot conform to these practices, please consult with your teacher – maybe a New Media Institute course isn’t right for you.

Class Requirements

  • Attend class and be attentive.
  • Ask informed and interesting questions.
  • Complete the weekly New Media Tech Quizzes.
  • Complete assignments specific to your section.
  • Submit assignments on time.
  • Abide by NMI Social Media Requirements.
  • Meet new people.

Attend Class

Good workers come to work. Your class attendance not only helps you learn more, it makes the class better. But sometimes things happen. Let us know ahead of time via email. Missing 20% of the classes (three classes) will result in a FAIL grade for this one hour pass/fail course. Please do not miss 3 classes. You need to make sure you understand that you can miss two classes for any reason you want, but when you miss the third class you will not receive a passing grade for the class. “But what if I get sick?” you might be asking.  If you are sick for three weeks requiring you to miss three weeks of class, then you need to seek an “I” for incomplete for this class.  “But what if I just skip two classes and then I really am sick on the third?” Tough. That is the danger of skipping the fist two.  I promise you that each semester, students don’t get credit for this class because they missed too many – or they just failed to complete the attendance sheet. These students have compiled some advice for you – I recommend reading it and taking it seriously.

*You are ONLY excused from class meetings that are designated as a workday for your section. You must be present in class for all presentations including guest speakers and team presentations, regardless of the class section presenting.

Coming Late

Good workers arrive on time. You must come to class on time to receive the full benefit of class. For every two times you arrive late, you will be counted absent.

Cell Phones Off

It is unprofessional to allow outside interruptions to disrupt meetings. The same goes for class. Turn your cell phone off before you enter class (or at least turn it to vibrate).

Classroom Computer Use

Professionals do not engage in extraneous activities during meetings. Successful students do not engage in activities unrelated to a class during that class. In class, do not use your computer for activities unrelated to the class. Answering email, working on other class projects, downloading songs – do these on your own time, not during class. If you engage in non-class related activities during class, you might as well not be in class – and you will be counted as absent.

Point People

Every week on the role I will highlight the individuals who will serve as the Point People for the following week. Point People must sit in the front row and ask provocative and thoughtful questions.

Tech News Quizzes

Every student is expected to read selected articles each week in the New York Times and other publications. These articles are on Dr. Shamp’s Delicious Page. The Tech News RSS Feed from his Delicious page can be found at the bottom of mynmi.net. Make sure to be reading the articles tagged “NMI Quiz.”

Quizzes are posted on ELC every Friday. This quiz will be self administered (check out the Academic Honesty Policy) and timed. Quizes must be completed by 5P on Monday.

NMI Social Media Requirements

The following requirements apply to all students enrolled in an NMIX course.

Create a LinkedIn Account

- Join the New Media Institute LinkedIn Group

Create a Facebook Profile

- “Like” the New Media Institute Fan Page

Create a Twitter Account

- “Follow” NMIUGA & NMIStudents

Weekly Tweet Requirement

Every week, during or shortly after class, all DBB students are required to tweet using #dbb. 

Need help with your tweeting skills? Check out our blog post on how to tweet well.

*All accounts must have your full name and a picture. By Friday, January 17th each student must provide links to their social media profiles on the ELC discussion board 

NMIX 4220 Assignments

Project Proposals

This semester, we are allowing NMIX4220 students to propose projects that could be considered a future Capstone project.  Teams will be assigned on the class roll during the second week of the semester and each team will create a Project Proposal that will be presented at the end of the semester (see schedule).  This proposal will include the following:

  •  A description of the project.
  • The rationale for the project.
  • The technology involved in the project.
  • A review of at least 3 comparable services.
  • 3 articles dealing with the service.
  • Partners who could work on the project
  • A mock-up of the project.
  • 5 minute presentation about the project. 

Where can you get ideas?  I always go to PSFK (http://www.psfk.com/).  Sign up for their daily email — tons of fun stuff in there.

Following completion of your team presentation, you will be responsible for completing an evaluation on each of your group members. Be honest, grades are dependent upon honesty! To complete the evaluation click here. All evaluations must be completed by Midnight on Monday, May 5th.


A good resume is necessary to get a good JOB. Here at UGA the career center provides an amazing and free resume critiquing service to students. Throughout the semester you must take your resume to one of the walk-in sessions and have it critiqued. You must also have it critiqued by two classmates. You must then fix your resume based on the critiques. By Tuesday, March 4 @ Midnight, you must turn in all three critiqued resumes and a copy of your new and improved resume to the box outside of office 403D in the NMI.

Career Center Resume Critique Hours
M – F: 12 – 2 @ the Career Center
TWR: 2 – 4 @ the MLC across from Jittery Joes

NMIX4221 Assignments

Alumni Mentor

Students enrolled in NMIX4221 will be assigned an NMI Alumni mentor on Tuesday, January 14th. Each student will work with their mentor on the items outlined below throughout the semester. Begin contacting your mentor as soon as possible. NMI alumni are busy professionals and can not be expected to be available last minute. If you have not received a response after several attempts to contact your mentor, email nmi@uga.edu for a new assignment.

1. Future Report

Each student will discuss the future of new media with his/her mentor. Students should aim to understand how their mentor believes new media will shape our lives moving forward and the specific movements, ideas, technologies, careers, companies, etc. that we should all watch for. Each student will create a one to two page future report. This page should outline the thoughts of the mentor and the opinions of the student. Due Tuesday, February 11 @ Midnight to the box outside of NMI office 403D. Electronic copies will not be accepted.

2. Critiqued Resume

A good resume is necessary to get a good JOB. Your mentor has an NMI Certificate and a JOB which means they did something right. You need to learn from them and take advantage of any and all guidance they provide. To get a jump start on seeking their guidance you will have them critique your resume. You must then fix your resume based on the critique. You must turn in a copy of your original resume, your mentor’s critiques/suggestions/notes, and  your fixed resume to the box outside of NMI office 403D by Tuesday, April 22 @ Midnight. Electronic copies will not be accepted.

Future Report Presentation

Based on similarities from all of the future reports, teams of 6 to 8 members will be created. Each team must take their topic and the information provided by their mentors and prepare a 15-minute presentation outlining the future of New Media. Groups will be assigned in class on Tuesday, February 18th.  Each group will present in class in March (Teams 1-3 on March 18th / Teams 4-6 on March 25th). From these presentations, the 3 best teams will be chosen to present to their mentors and other VIP guests at the Spring 2014 NMI SLAM on Saturday, May 3rd.

Teams chosen to present at SLAM are being provided prime real estate and should put maximal effort into their presentation. Many of the mentors will have job openings and will be shopping for potential employees at SLAM. It is recommended that following your DBB presentation, you be open to suggestions for improvement.

Following completion of presentations, you will be responsible for completing an evaluation on each of your group members. Be honest, grades are dependent upon honesty! To complete the evaluation click here. All evaluations must be completed by Monday, May 5th @ Midnight

Challenging Evaluations

In your jobs and your classes, you will be evaluated. How you handle and use these evaluations will greatly determine your eventual success. There is a professional approach for addressing evaluations (or grades) with which you do not agree. First, take some time to consider the evaluation. After you receive the evaluation, think about it for at least 24 hours before doing anything – this cooling off period will help you present your case in a positive manner. Second, formulate a rational argument for why you deserve a better evaluation. Develop at least three points that you think prove you deserve a better evaluation. And third, first present your argument in writing (email is cool) then request a meeting to discuss your evaluation. Hey, your teacher (or supervisor) might buy your argument and you won’t need to meet at all! Handling disputes constructively is the mark of a true professional. These are the standards of practice for students in the New Media Institute. Learn them, love them, live them

Academic Honesty

“All academic work must meet the standards contained in “A Culture of Honesty.” Each student is responsible for informing themselves about those standards before performing any academic work.” In this class, we will adhere to the University of Georgia’s Academic Honesty Policy. You can read the entire policy online but the short story is: don’t cheat. You will be expected to do your own work and to report individuals who do not do their own work. You will have several assignments where you will not be monitored but that does not excuse appropriating other individual’s work. The punishments for violations of the Academic Honesty Policy are severe. Frankly, the pay off ain’t worth the risk – don’t do it.


Week 1 (1/7) Syllabus Review
Week 2 (1/14) Guest Speaker: Evoshield, 4220 Teams Assigned, 4221 Mentors Assigned
Week 3 (1/21) 4220 Class Session, 4221 Workday
Week 4 (1/28) 4221 Class Session, 4220 Workday
Week 5 (2/4) Guest Speaker: Chris LaFay @ Smart Folks
Canceled – Week 6 (2/11) 4220 Class Session, 4221 Workday
Change - Week 7 (2/18) 4220 & 4221 Class Session: Teams Assigned
Change – Week 8 (2/25) Guest Speaker: Ellen Greenwell @ Google
Change – Week 9 (3/4)  4220 Resumes Due, 4220 & 4221 Workday – Work hard! 
Week 10 (3/11) Spring Break – Have Fun!
Week 11 (3/18) 4221 Presentations – Teams 1-3
Week 12 (3/25) 4221 Presentations - Teams 4-6
Week 13 (4/1) Guest Speaker: Douglas Borenstein
Week 14 (4/8)  Job Talk with Dr. Shamp
Week 15 (4/15) 4220 Presentations – Teams 1-5
Week 16 (4/22) 4220 Presentations – Teams 6-10, 4221 Resumes Due, Last Day of Class!

Week 17 (4/29) Reading Day, Final Deadline for all Peer Evaluations
Week 17 (5/3) SLAM, Mentor Presentations
Week 18 (5/5) Final Deadline for all Peer Evaluations
4220: http://mynmi.net/4220-evaluation/
4221: http://mynmi.net/4221-evaluation/


This is a pass/fail course. Each assignment is worth points as outlined below. To receive a “pass” for this course you must earn 12 of the 16 possible points.


Social Media Requirements/Weekly Tweet Requirement 2 Points
Weekly NMI Tech News Quiz 2 Points
Resume 4 Points
Project Proposal 4 Points
Peer Evaluations 4 Points


Social Media Requirements/Weekly Tweet Requirement 2 Points
Weekly NMI Tech News Quiz 2 Points
Resume 2 Points
Future Report 2 Points
Future Report Presentations 4 Points
Peer Evaluations 4 Points


  • The course syllabus and schedule serve as a general plan; deviations announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary.