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SLAM 2014


If there’s one thing the NMI really loves to brag about, it’s our incredible set of Capstone projects. And based on the feedback from our Twitter feed alone, this year’s Capstone students have already gotten the competitive ball rolling!

So of course this means that you’d better mark May 3rd down on your calendar as “BEST. DAY. EVER.” – or just “NMI SLAM” if you want to be boring. We’ve gotten word that the activities and projects at this year’s SLAM are going to be bigger and better than ever, so don’t forget to skip the coffee that morning – you won’t need it to get pumped up!

NMI SLAM is on May 3, 2014. Be there!

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Spring SLAM Photo Albums

nmi slam proactive

On Friday May 3, and Saturday, May 4, 2013, the New Media Institute hosted its annual Spring SLAM. All day long, NMI students showed off incredibly cool projects they worked on all semester long: Facebook apps, iBooks, mobile sites, videos. Over 20 projects in all. As a part of the New Media Health Innovative Program – sponsored in part by the The Verizon Foundation and Athens Regional Medical Center – ARMC Health System – all projects focus on promoting positive health behavior through the use of technology. Also at the SLAM, each student earning their New Media Institute Interdisciplinary Certificate undergos at least 3 practice (or mock) interviews. These are short (under 8 minutes) opportunities for the students to present themselves and their work. Thank you to Terrapin Beer Co.Five Star Day Cafe,home.made catering, and Blind Pig Tavern – Athens for providing amenities.

See photos from the NMI Spring SLAM 2013 album on Facebook.

Or, you view all high resolution photos on the New Media Institute Flickr Page as well as on the NMI website SLAM gallery.


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SLAM it to you!

aldridge nmi certificate

If you’ve been by NMI suite on the fourth floor of Grady, you may have noticed a few things. Students huddled around computers. The sounds of furious keyboards clicking until the wee hours of the morning. A certain smell of desparation in the air.

That’s right folks! You guessed it. SLAM is on the horizon, and the time is nigh to make it work and make it work better.

Capstone students have been burning the midnight oil, and on May 4th you’ll be able to see all their labors of love. We’ve given you sneak peeks all week on our blog, but it’s time to see them in person.

Verizon Wireless and Athens Regional Medical Health Systems have helped the NMI create the New Media Health Innovation Program, making it possible for all the Capstone projects this semester to emphasize health. So check it out, and see why this SLAM puts your health on the forefront of technology!

SLAM 2013 Event Details

Time: 1:30 to 3:30
Location: New Media Institute
4th Floor of Grady College/Journalism Building
120 Hooper Street
Athens, GA 30602
Parking: It is Saturday so all parking is free but we recommend the Journalism/Psychology Lot.


A health panel discussion will follow the stage and booth presentations, but be sure to meet us downtown at 5:30 to see the certificate presentation.

If you have any questions about this year’s SLAM, please email us at

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Capstone Sneak Peak!

NMI Update -- Logo

Our Capstone students are hard at work this semester on a whole new crop of exciting projects! Over the next few weeks, each of these projects will be featured on the NMI blog. Can't wait that long? Us either! That's why we're offering an exclusive sneak peak of what's to come! Be sure to check back with us every week though so you're prepared for all of the fun we're going to have at SLAM on May 4! 

Victus: Shop to feed those in need.

Family Button: Connecting grandparents to their loved ones by making social media more comfortable and simplified.

ProActive: An iBook that uses famous moments in sports history to get fans excited about exercise.

Chill Out: An interactive app that helps reduce stress and anxiety through meditation, physical exercise, and sensory relaxation.

acTiVe: A mobile application to combat obesity by utilizing commercial time to keep viewers up and moving.

Jetlag Pilot: A mobile app that aims to lessen the ill effects of jet lag helping travelers to adjust to new time zones as easily as possible.

MedMinder: A product designed to give primary caretakers overseeing medication peace of mind.

MindFlow: An app designed to improve certain behaviors and overall mental health through carefully designed video games.

The Feed Part 2: Eliminating barriers college students face when cooking at home.

Wet N' Wild: Wouldn't it be cool if there was a fun and interactive digital children's book that teaches kids healthy water consumption and eating habits? 

NMI Update: SLAM with us on 12/8!

NMI Update -- Logo

There are beautiful brains all over UGA. Studying, reading, writing, programming. Each day we push, push, push them to be even smarter. But the irony is that these beautiful brains won’t last 10 minutes if their body gives out. 

This semester the NMI set out to find out if there was a way to use young people’s fascination with technology and media to help them become healthier.  Verizon stepped in with some funds to juice the exploration. On Saturday, 12/8, we will be showing off 10 projects that use new media technology to help people make better health decisions. The projects cover diet, sleep, exercise, sexual activity and alcohol consumption.

Imagine a mobile app that gamifies your sleep to encourage lucid dreaming?  
Or an iBook that teaches young people how to read nutritional labels?
Or an app that helps you and your partner talk about sex?
Or a mobile app that gives you a workout to do — during commercials?
Or a system that helps parents use sports to start discussions about alcohol?

Some are really cool. Some are pretty crazy. All are thought provoking. After the students show them off, we are going to talk about what we need to work on next in a panel discussion with health experts.

Also at the SLAM, each student earning their NMI Certificate will have to undergo at least 3 practice (or mock) interviews. These are short (under 8 minutes) opportunities for the students to present themselves and their work. We are looking for people to do the interviewing. If you think you might need to hire in the future or you just want to hear how the students are talking about their experience and future, we want you to join us. I promise it will be fun — I will give you some questions to ask if you need them.  And you get lunch out of it as well. 

The whole day is free. Join us if you can! For details, a schedule of the day or to RSVP email