NMIXpert: Luke Lashley

Xpertise: iOS Dev

Xpert Hours: Tuesday 11A – 12P, Thursday 11A – 12P

Luke is a fourth-year Computer Science student. He is also enrolled in the Double Dawgs program for Artificial Intelligence. Also, he is getting certificates in New Media and Informatics. Luke took his first New Media Course in the Fall of 2020 and fell in love with the program. As a Computer Science student, the courses felt exactly like how he thought programming courses should be structured. Last semester, Luke created his portfolio from scratch, learning how to run an Apache webserver on a CentOS server. He learned everything from port forwarding to SSL certification.

He has NMI training in SwiftUI and IOS development. While he has no formal training in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, he has done multiple projects on the side to give him a strong understanding of these technologies. His other fields of knowledge include Virtual Reality, Java, databases, and Artificial Intelligence (particularly Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning). He has some mild experience in React Native, Android Studio, and 3D Modeling.

Outside of programming, Luke loves to do woodworking, DIY, and play games on his computer.