A Warm NMI Welcome to Dr. Taylor Cole Miller

1 September 2017
If you have recently stopped by the NMI, you may have seen a new face in our classroom. We are so thrilled to welcome the newest addition to the NMI team, Dr. Taylor Cole Miller!


This semester, Taylor is teaching (and loving!) New Media Production. In the semesters to come, he will be venturing into New Media Capstone and Emerging Media classes.

Prior to joining the NMI, Taylor taught courses in television criticism, critical internet studies, and new media production at the University of Wisconsin as well as Spanish phonetics at UT Austin. Taylor has also worked in photojournalism, television broadcasting and magazine design. 
Taylor’s research has taken him all over the industry, from eating a sandwich behind Connie Britton on Friday Night Lights to inspiring a story line on The Good Wife with a viral tweet.


If you happen to stop by the NMI to pay a visit to your favorite people, make sure to give the newest NMI faculty member a warm welcome!