ACC Transit Web App

7 May 2021

The Athens-Clarke County Transit Route Display is a web application which offers easy navigation and a simple and clean design that makes daily commute planning effortless and accessible to people across a variety of demographics in the Athens-Clarke County area. The new route display allows users to find their bus and route in real time using enhanced features such as highlighted routes, timetable displays, and interactive maps. These newly integrated elements aim to make trip planning stress-free for locals, students, and visitors alike.

Among the route display’s enhanced design features, there is now the ability to view multiple routes and hover over routes to highlight them and zoom in. A user can then click on one of the large buttons with the route names and numbers on them to access a detailed full view of an individual route and time tables separated by the weekday and weekend. The user can then scroll horizontally to fully view expected bus arrival times.

The route colors on the map, which has an adjustable zoom, and the buttons correspond to the colors used by ACC Transit for their signage related to individual routes. Those familiar with ACC Transit will find these colors to be consistent with the methods they typically find their route via either a physical map or a third-party application. This aspect will make the transition to using this app straightforward and painless.

This route display application for the web seeks to solve the problems that users previously found. In the process of finding their route, users typically found that the maps displayed on other platforms were difficult to read and navigate and they lacked an ability to view multiple routes at once. With these details in mind, the Athens-Clarke County Transit Route Display was developed and hopes to serve the community as they travel to the places and people that matter to them.