8 December 2018

ARcade’s mission is to re-create classic video games with a twist: implementing augmented reality. While we only have one game in our collection and would like to eventually make more, we want to focus and perfect one.

Ushering in an immersive, fun, augmented reality experience, the ARcade team has introduced their first game: Brick Break-AR. The game takes advantage of Apple’s newest AR Kit features, particularly the AR World Map and multiplayer, to set it apart from other games. Players will be able to jump into the middle of the action, using only their phone and a wall to play. The app places an array of bricks on any wall, and it’s up to the player to clear them. With multiple levels of increasing difficulty, Brick Break-AR is a game you won’t be able to put down!

This game is perfect for everyone—adults who grew up in the 80’s will enjoy seeing their childhood game in a new light; kids will love the unique experience; and parents will love that it gets them up and moving! Inspired by 80’s arcade aesthetics and recent imaginings of the future, ARcade blends the two into an experience that is “Nostalgic for the Future.”