AthensGaWeather- Android

27 April 2019

For the last few years, Atmospheric Sciences students at the University of Georgia under Dr. John Knox have informed their loyal followers in Athens and the surrounding areas of daily local weather. Other weather service providers use data and often inform about weather here from cities far away. AthensGaWeather, however, cherishes accurate hyper-localized weather reporting because it impacts their day too!

While AthensGaWeather already has a following 16,000 strong on Facebook and Twitter, logging in to social media to check the weather is at best a-traditional and at worst frustrating. It’s time for the good work of Dr. Knox and his students to be easily accessible to people on-the-go. AthensGaWeather for Android presents an app as good as the weather on a Saturday in October when the Dawgs beat our biggest SEC opponents.

The AthensGaWeather App for Android features traditional daily and five-day forecasts. The app is also equipped with alerting abilities to ensure people are kept safe from dangerous weather. Users can also access video weather reports through the app. If you live in Athens and use an Android, what are you waiting on? Visit the Google Play store today to download AthensGaWeather for Android.