Augmented UGA

27 April 2019

Augmented UGA is an augmented reality app works to enhance the overall user experience of UGA students and visitors, through an interactive tour of the campus’s most iconic landmarks. The app allows for any individual to tailor their own tour to their particular interests and allotted time to view the landmarks, interact with the app, and walk the campus. The app is a comprehensive reference tool that is fully functional and accessible at any time to all users.

Augmented UGA’s key feature is the ability to determine the geographical location of the user’s device and display AR capabilities at each particular landmark location. The app has these capabilities at each of the six iconic landmarks including The Arch, Chapel and Chapel Bell, Sanford Stadium, Tate Student Center, Miller Learning Center, and Herty Field and the Fountain.

Augmented UGA is aimed to bring a new evolution of technology to UGA’s campus benefitting both current and prospective students, visitors, and faculty. The app is created to resemble the familiarity of google maps, however with the addition of augmented reality navigation and user location. The app works to not only provide users with the ability to see where the landmarks are in proximity to their current location and the campus location, but also provides them with directions to their desired location through the augmented navigation.