Capstone Sneak Peak!

29 March 2013

Our Capstone students are hard at work this semester on a whole new crop of exciting projects! Over the next few weeks, each of these projects will be featured on the NMI blog. Can’t wait that long? Us either! That’s why we’re offering an exclusive sneak peak of what’s to come! Be sure to check back with us every week though so you’re prepared for all of the fun we’re going to have at SLAM on May 4! 

Victus: Shop to feed those in need.

Family Button: Connecting grandparents to their loved ones by making social media more comfortable and simplified.

ProActive: An iBook that uses famous moments in sports history to get fans excited about exercise.

Chill Out: An interactive app that helps reduce stress and anxiety through meditation, physical exercise, and sensory relaxation.

acTiVe: A mobile application to combat obesity by utilizing commercial time to keep viewers up and moving.

Jetlag Pilot: A mobile app that aims to lessen the ill effects of jet lag helping travelers to adjust to new time zones as easily as possible.

MedMinder: A product designed to give primary caretakers overseeing medication peace of mind.

MindFlow: An app designed to improve certain behaviors and overall mental health through carefully designed video games.

The Feed Part 2: Eliminating barriers college students face when cooking at home.

Wet N’ Wild: Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a fun and interactive digital children’s book that teaches kids healthy water consumption and eating habits?