15 May 2020

EraScope is a prototype application that aims to re-contextualize history using augmented reality. The application, made in collaboration with Atlanta-based Marketing firm Moxie, allows the user to experience the unknown history of everyday locations or monuments in a visually interesting way.

Using the augmented reality functionality, the user has two ways to experience the history of a location or monument. Using the first option, the user can visit the physical monument or location and view the information in real-time. By using the second option, the user can bring the monument straight to their home and view the content on their own terms.

Instead of simply reading a historical plaque or a Wikipedia article, EraScope gives its users the opportunity to enjoy historical content in a visually interesting and concise way! With a focus on photo, audio, video, and 3D modeling, take a look at the past in a modern lens with EraScope.