Fetch Backstage

27 April 2019

Fetch Backstage is an internal resource website for Fetch, the research division of the student-run advertising agency based out of the University of Georgia. The resource aims to solve issues Fetch is currently facing: the division is not well known, the research from previous years was not passed down to current leadership, and the future goal set by the division’s faculty advisor to pitch for funding from potential clients.

With pre-made Tableau data visualizations, a “how-to” data visualization video guide, and a sustainability guide, Fetch Backstage serves as a resource to the agency’s strategists as they work to gain awareness of the division itself, to present their findings in a professional manner, and to pitch their serves to potential clients for funding. The pre-made Tableau data visualizations can be found and downloaded quickly to be incorporated into a report or pitch presentation. The video guide walks newer strategists through the process of exporting data from Qualtrics, cleaning the data in Excel, and importing it into emergent technology Tableau to create data visualizations. The website uses a WordPress installation to make it easy to pass down to future division leaders.