Fundsters, Foundations, and Festivities

1 December 2019

Each semester since Fall 2017, we invite our capstone students to commit to the future of the NMI by joining the NMI Future Fund. This opportunity helps provide resources for future students to design, build, and innovate for years to come. Today, we have a total of 83 incredible students in our Fundster family!

This semester, we welcome a class of 17 to our New Media Fundster family: Isabelle Alzona, Scott Cameron, Jinnah Choi, Nicole Crawford, Birdie Jackson, Peyton Lewis, Emily Matthews, Tyler Mazurek, Will Moore, Nick Papasidero, Tori Pirtle, Abby Queen, Karly Reece, Will Ridings, Kevin Schoenblum, Paige Watkins, and Allison Williams.

But it’s not just undergrads who get to have all the fun—a huge round of applause to our Emerging Media Fundsters for joining the gang as well: Claire Jordan, Kendall Lake, Abbey Miner, Andrea Piazza, Jenny Rim, and Caroline Windham.

Finally, we’d like to congratulate this semester’s winners of the Bannister Foundation scholarship: Birdie Jackson and Kevin Schoenblum. Each semester, this scholarship provides two new graduates with the technology they need to conquer their next tech-tastic goals after they part from the NMI to pursue their careers.