Georgia River App

7 May 2021

The goals of the Georgia River application is to keep safety in mind for users, while the application includes features that show users the ins and outs of river routes and trails. Users also have the option to report various hazards they see when partaking in river activities. These reports show up on a dynamic map of river trails and alert other users of the hazard. It is recommended that anyone making a trip to the river views the trail beforehand. While on the water, internet access is not always available.

The Georgia River Application has built in safety features that allow users to download their river route before going on the water. In addition, the application includes a filtering feature. When a user looks at the dynamic map, they have the choice to filter through what they want to see close by. For example, if a user decides they want to hike after their water adventure, they can use the filtering feature to see what hiking trails are close by their chosen river route. Along with other features, the application also includes an event tab. 

The Georgia River Application is made in connection with the Georgia River Network, a community dedicated to bringing the river community together to enjoy and keep vital rivers clean. The Georgia River Network holds many events throughout the seasons that expand community impact. Whether users are known to the Georgia River Network community, or they are looking to grow their social network, The Georgia River Application’s events tab can help. The events come straight from the Georgia River Network and include the date, time, and place users partake at. We hope users take advantage of all our integrative features and app have to offer. Download the Georgia River Application today!