Grady County

27 April 2019

Grady County is full of charming southern small towns and natural beauty — the problem is it’s not currently thought of as an attractive tourist destination. There are plenty of outdoor activities and attractions unique to the region, but a lack of brand marketing leads tourists to overlook Grady County as a potential place to explore and visit.

In order to rebrand Grady County as a tourism destination, the NMI Grady County Archway Project is utilizing the emerging media resources of the New Media Institute as well as the knowledge of Archway Partnership professionals at the University of Georgia. This collaboration will hopefully bridge the gap between the county and the public’s perception of it and, in response, lead to an effective and long-lasting change in the way Grady County markets itself to outside visitors.

The NMI Grady County Archway Project is creating a series of technology-based deliverables that can exist on multiple media platforms. By turning Grady County from old media to new media, the NMI Grady County Archway Project brings new visitors, new revenue, and new opportunities into the county. The NMI Grady County Archway Project’s deliverables aim to showcase the beauty, the businesses, and the people of Grady County. These deliverables include but are not limited to: a 90-second promotional video, an extensive photo collection, select social media accounts, positive online reviews, still advertisements, a tourism website, and a comprehensive tourism guide. With all of these deliverables combined, the NMI Grady County Archway Project seeks to create a brand for Grady County that not only attracts visitors but allows the county to put its best face forward in an era of new media.