1 December 2011

Screen-shot-2013-09-14-at-6.20.27-PMJekyllTour is a new interactive app that provides users with an enhanced vacation experience through guided tours and island information. A few years ago, the Georgia Sea Grant  produced an audio walking tour that contained information about the ecological processes, animals, and plants of Jekyll Island in the form of a compact disc. Newer technology, such as mobile applications, provide a more individualized user experience and thus offer a better means to interact with our target user. Mobile applications also provide better-organized information better, allowing for the ultimate user experience.

The app is simple enough to use for ages anywhere from 6 to 66. People of both little and extensive knowledge of ecology can use the product because users are able to receive a basic or detailed tour of the island. Our application contains a map of Jekyll Island as the home screen. The user is able to select a stop that they want to visit and view the information that relates to it. This enables to user the right to create their tour experience. It gives them a chance to get off the beaten path. Audio within each stop can easily be played, paused, and started over again. Directions to each stop are simpler by using text boxes. There are both audio and visual components. The application also contains photos to help the user identify different locations and animals that are part of the tour

There is information about local restaurants, beaches, attractions, and shopping locations within JekyllTour. Now the user can tour, stop for lunch, and continue touring. The app can now take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. The options are endless and easy to use, so start exploring!