27 April 2019

Kriqit is an on-demand landscaping service in the Athens and Watkinsville area started by Dan Butler of Butler Landscaping. The aim of Kriqit is to provide an alternative to traditional, contract binding landscaping companies. Previously, the needs of homeowners has not aligned with those of the landscaping owners. Dan set out to bridge the gap for this niche market and provide a service that allows for quick lawn care response.

For this project, our goals were to complete comprehensive user research, improve the user experience for both workers and customers and implement overall enhancements to the website features and design with the ultimate goal of enhancing user experience across all touchpoints. We were able to identify three main pain points in Kriqit – a Kriqit training module, the Kriqit application process, and the customer onboarding experience. We were able to tackle these three priorities and deliver successful results.

Our team was able to execute several tangible results that have increased the value of Kriqit as a company. We have increased Kriqit applications by fixing issues such as moving the scheduling step and eliminating the Facebook application step to ensure engagement. Kriqit has begun receiving real customer appointments which were made possible through the acquisition of more Kriqit’s as well as enhanced appointment scheduling. Lastly, we have created a training module, composed of videos and interactive quizzes, for Kriqits to complete prior to their first job in order to ensure a consistent and customer driven experience.