15 May 2020

Our team is organizing a projection-mapped stage design for the fall semester 2020 TEDxUGA event. Fitting with the event’s theme, Next Level, TEDxUGA is pushing the boundaries of stage design with the introduction of Lightform: a newly released projection mapping design software. Lightform creates illuminated augmented reality light projections that leave the audience with an enthralling and unforgettable viewing experience.

While designing for the TEDx stage at the Athens Classic Center Theater, our team considers both physical challenges of covering the sheer scale of the theatre to more abstract challenges of engaging an audience while still meeting cost and time restraints. In addition, we take into account the physical surfaces that we would be projecting onto, and work on drafting multiple iterations of stage props that are functional, timely, and cost-effective.

Unfortunately, due to unexpected current events, the TEDxUGA showcase has been rescheduled to the next fall semester. As a result, our team faces the challenge of working around these itinerary changes to ultimately organize a thoroughly-planned stage design that will be easily reproducible for next year’s TEDxUGA organizers. Although our team may not be able to see the event through to the finish line, we aim to add to a stage experience that is dynamic, and, ultimately, distinctive to the TEDx stage. TEDx enlightens and sparks ideas, and it’s important that our team also translates that inspiration visually.