The Neighborhood

1 May 2009

Starbucks. We love you. We also love spending time sipping our chocolate mocha vanilla caramel concoctions inside your colorful cafés… for a little while. However, our souls are inspired by everything beyond your walls. What if you could support people in finding the opportunity to create timeless memories by using a Wi-Fi network and everyone’s favorite, the iPhone? That’s a novel idea, right?

Picture this: You’re an iPhone user who tends to travel. You have tons of friends, but which one of them is really going to know about the best restaurant to take a business client in Big Piney, Wyoming? You’re out of luck and Denny’s just won’t cut it. Starbucks has the answer to your woes on its hyperlocal site: The Neighborhood. It’s a culture-based marketing platform that provides restaurant, entertainment venue, shopping and budget- friendly ideas to the clueless out-of-towner.