NMI Futures Fund: A Fall 2017 Success!

31 January 2018

Like technology, the New Media Institute is constantly growing and evolving. Each year, the NMI pushes more students to build things and break things, to fail fast and to figure it out. Our students have helped the NMI to become bigger and better, and we are constantly working toward providing our students with the newest technologies to explore critically, engage with, and enhance their learning experiences.

In order to continue providing these technologies to our students, we launched the NMI Futures Fund campaign in Fall 2017. Each semester, Capstone students now have the opportunity to become an NMI Fundster. Fundsters commit to a monthly donation of one penny for each student enrolled in the NMI upon completing their certificate.

Fundsters help provide future students with opportunities to work with new technologies for years to come. Their donations will have an immediate and long lasting impact on the NMI, allowing these alumni to be part of the NMI even when they are no longer on campus. The NMI’s motto is “Make something work. Then make it work better,” and Fundsters will help the NMI work better for years to come.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to each of our Fall 2017 Fundsters for their commitment to the NMI’s future. This inaugural class surpassed all of our expectations and has set the bar high for the many Future Fund classes to come. Thank you Bethany Bell, Claire Bertram, Claudia Luna Priego, Emily Barton, Jessica Beach, Jomaree Fernandez, Jungmin Rim, Katherine Moynahan, Kelsie Belan, Kemani Miles, Lyman Chen, Nicole Sartain, Rebecca Panec, and Veronica McManus.