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New Media Courses + Electives

Core Curriculum

NMIX 2020
Intro to New Media

Introduction to New Media explores the economic, technical, social, and cultural aspects of media technologies. Students develop a solid working knowledge of the field and the factors that influence the development and acceptance of innovative media technologies.

NMIX 4110/6110
New Media Production

New Media Production provides a solid foundation of technical skills that students can build upon for the rest of their careers. In a workshop environment, students learn how to design and develop web products that function effectively with multiple platforms.

NMIX 4220/4221
Digital Brown Bag

Digital Brown Bag is a weekly seminar that explores new media technologies, industry trends, and the secret to getting a J-O-B. Students are introduced to new media professionals who share their insights and experiences.

NMIX 4510/6510
New Media Capstone

New Media Capstone students work together to build a new media solution that addresses a specific client problem. Students call upon all of the skills gained throughout their certificate journey to develop, design, and debut these projects at the end of the semester.

New Media Electives

NMIX 4111
New Media Design

New Media Design focuses on the application of fundamental design principles to create user-friendly new media projects in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Students explore UI and UX design topics and emerging fields such as interaction design and motion graphics.

NMIX 4310/6310
Rich Media Production

Rich Media Production introduces students to native application development. Students learn the fundamentals of native application development for platforms such as iOS, tvOS, and watchOS with modern programming languages such as Swift.

NMIX 4200/6200
New Media Photography

New Media Photography explores the intersection of photography and new media. Students gain an understanding of the fundamentals of photography, work hands-on with new mobile photography tools and techniques, and study new and emerging photographic tools and trends.

NMIX 4200/6200
New Media & TED

New Media & TED uses the TED platform to examine big ideas and powerful presentations. Students gain practical event management experience and presentation curation expertise while preparing presenters for the TEDxUGA stage.

NMIX 4990/6990
New Media Directed Study

Independent study students work under the direction of New Media Institute faculty to complete advanced projects.

NMIX 5010
New Media Internship

New Media Internship provides students an opportunity to earn course credit for relevant internship work.

Approved Electives

A student may petition for special consideration for substitution of a core class or inclusion of a course as an elective by submitting the following to the syllabus of the proposed substitute or elective course and a justification letter that explains why the substitute course fulfills the same objectives as the original core course or how the proposed elective enhances understanding of new media.

ADPR 3120 Media Planning
ADPR 3530 Online Reputation Management
ADPR 3520 Graphic Communication
ADPR 5520 Advanced Graphic Communication
ADPR 5710 Advertising Management
ADPR 5740 Advertising Campaigns
ADPR 5920 Public Relations Communications
ADPR 5950 Public Relations Campaigns
ARGD 2010 Graphic Survey
ARST 2800 Introduction to Computer Imaging
ARST 2810 Hypermedia
ARST 4800 Special Topics in Interactive Design
CSCI 1100 Introduction to Personal Computing
CSCI 2670 Theory of Computing
CSCI 4300 Web Programming
EDIT 4020 Technology for the Workplace
EMST 3110 Writing for Digital Media
EMST 3210 Introduction to Production Basics
EMST 3290 Media and Technology
EMST 4250 Video Production

EMST 4270 Audio Production
EMST 4450 Emerging Media Technologies
ENGL 4832 Writing for the World Wide Web
ENGL 4885 Introduction to Humanities Computing
ENGL 4888 Humanities Computing I
ENGL 4889 Humanities Computing II
INTL 4665 Global Politics and Digital Media
JOUR 3280 Video Production
JOUR 3330 Intro to Photojournalism
JOUR 3380 Graphics
JOUR3390 Coding
*JOUR 3510 Editing & Production
JOUR 4090 Multiplatform Story Production
*JOUR 5800 Computer Assisted Reporting
*JOUR 5850 Information Graphics
*JOUR 5990 Graphic Design for Digital News
MARK 4900 Marketing Strategies & Decision Making
MIST 2090 Intro to Information Systems in Business
MIST 4501 Intro to Leading Edge Web Technology
MIST 4600 Computer Programming in Business

MIST 4610 Data Management
MIST 4630 Network-Based Application Development
MUSI 4130 Electronic Music Composition I
MUSI 5730 Electronic Music Composition II
NMIX 4111 New Media Design
NMIX 4200 New Media Special Topics
NMIX 4310 Rich Media Production
NMIX 4490 New Media Directed Study
NMIX 5010 New Media Internship
TELE 3210 Introduction to Production Basics
TELE 4250 Production
TELE 4450 Emerging Telecommunications Technologies
TELE 4270 Audio Production Special Consideration
TELE 5560 Electronic News Gathering Production
TELE 5580 Advanced Television News Reporting
TELE 5990 Media Arts Seminar
THEA 5810 Computer Animation for Dramatic Media I
THEA 5820 Computer Animation for Dramatic Media II
THEA 5860 Interactive Media as Drama