Quiz Requirements

Detailed Instructions for NMI Quizzes
(See below for Quiz FAQs)

1. Log into eLC.

2. Click on the Non-Oasis Course for the NMI Quiz. This is usually named per the semester.

Choice of semester in Athena

3. Click on Quizzes.

Quizzes tab in eLC

4. Click on the quiz you want to take.

Quizzes Currently Available

5. Read the instructions and Click on Start Quiz.

Quiz Information

6. Take the quiz, making sure to save your answers as you go.

Save Quiz

7. At the end of the quiz make sure you Save All Responses (just to be sure!) and Go to Submit Quiz (NOTE: THIS DOES NOT SUBMIT YOUR QUIZ. YOU ARE NOT FINISHED).

Save All Responsese and So to Submit Quiz

8. Submit your quiz. Over and over and over.

submit 2

Submit Quiz

9. When you see your score, you have successfully submitted the quiz.

Confirmation Page

Quiz FAQs
All NMI students are required to complete the weekly quiz. This page will help you troubleshoot any issues you have with the quiz.

1. Where is the quiz?

Since all students take the quiz, we put the quiz in a central location in eLC rather than inside each NMI course individually (this keeps you from taking the quiz in each class).

2. Why can’t I see the quiz?

If you cannot see the eLC Non-Oasis Section, then please send an email to nmi@uga.edu so that you can be added to the course. Please give your UGA ID and which NMIX courses in which you are enrolled.

If you can see the quiz section but not the quiz, it could mean that the quiz is not available.

3. When is the quiz available?

The quiz is typically available on Friday and due the following Monday. This is subject to change. You will receive an email notifying you of the availability of the quiz. Even if you do not receive this email, make sure you check to see if the quiz is available. Not receiving the email is not an excuse for not taking the quiz.

4. How much does the quiz count?

Each NMI professor decides how the NMI weekly quiz factors into the course grade. If you are in multiple NMI classes, you only need to take the quiz once; it will count in all of your NMI classes. Therefore, if you miss a quiz, it is not a good thing.

5. Where can I find the readings for the quiz?

All technology readings can be found through John Weatherford’s twitter: @JohnWeatherford.

6. I took the quiz, but I don’t see my score. What’s the deal?

You may not have fully submitted the quiz. Go back into the quiz and submit it. If you cannot submit it, email nmi@uga.edu with your name and which quiz is still in progress for you. If you do not do this, you may not receive a score on this quiz.