Register for TEDxUGA 2018: Connect

31 January 2018

TEDxUGA 2018 is quickly approaching, and registration is open! We hope you will join us for an evening dedicated to exploring the stories, experiences, and ideas that emerge when things connect. This 6th annual event will once again bring together UGA’s leading thinkers and doers to share their ideas worth spreading. These ideas will inspire curiosity and connect audience members in a collective experience, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration that can only be truly experienced first hand.

Janet Geddis MED ’06
Godfrey Powell BBA ’00
DeRetta Cole Rhodes
BSFCS ’92, PhD ’10
Apurba Banerjee PhD ’17
Faiz Saulat BS ’18
Elizabeth Hardister
BA ’18, MPH ’18
Nick Fuhrman CAES
Katy O’Brien COE
Marshall Shepherd Franklin
Family and Friends
Thursda, March 22nd
7P to 10p
Classic Center Theatre
Ian Webb
Attendance Director

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