7 May 2021

Roughly 24 million Gen Z-ers were eligible to vote in 2020, but only a fraction cast a ballot in the national election. Local elections notoriously have lower participation than national elections, even though local politics have more direct impact on communities. Simpol is determined to demolish educational and accessibility barriers to increase informed voter turnout at the local election level. The past few years have been rife with unprecedented moments, increased environmental destruction, record-high political division, and violence; however, young and marginalized communities continuously show their resilience. Simpol is the platform of choice to create informed and empowered voters, revolutionizing local politics and continuing to incite the spark of change.

Through the lens of Georgia state politics, Simpol’s functionality can be grouped into three features: it simplifies the political jargon so bills are explained in a simple sentence, provides unbiased, sourced information on current and aspiring representatives and 一 the most important step 一 provides direct and easy ways to take action. While Simpol will be extremely useful year-round, it will be especially helpful during election season. By providing voter registration information and reminders, the most current polling information and an easy way to cast informed votes, users will avoid the barriers that prevent political participation. Simpol simplifies a convoluted process and provides a brand new political platform for margianlized communities.

We make politics simpol.