11 December 2019

SlipSlap is an interactive Truth or Dare game for Apple TV. It was created with a specific friend group in mind. One that is made up of tight-knit young adults who love to play games that are not too complicated. This game allows friends to get out of their comfort zones and learn things about their friends that they may not have known otherwise.

When it is a player’s turn, they either select SlapTruth or SlapDare. Depending on what the game wants the player to do, the player must decide if they will perform the activity or answer the question. If they do as the game asks, they will receive points and then also have the option to have a slap. If they successfully slap a friend, they can get even more points.

Overall, this game is one of good laughs and random tasks. The group of friends mentioned in the beginning love SlipSlap because they can gather around their TV instead of the dining room table.