The Ultimate Nerd Device

9 September 2013

I’m sure many of you have heard all about this mysterious Google Glass project that the NMI has been hiding away from us all. Yes, we’ve all been marveling at every piece of news on the fabulous new gadget from Google, and finally, we have some news! Our very own Clate Sanders has been playing with Google Glass, proving to us that the amazing rumors about the product are true.

What’s the most exciting part of all of this? The incredible article on OnlineAthens by Dink NeSmith.

Paired with the great updates on Google Glass is a fabulous article on the product with some truth behind how lucky we are to have Cool Clate Sanders with us!

For those of you who have gotten to have Clate as a teacher this semester, you’ve probably heard all about it! Don’t forget to tell us all about what you think on twitter and facebook. We want to hear all your opinions on this amazing article and the groundbreaking new gadgets in the NMI this year.

Special photo courtesy of Dink Nesmith.