31 July 2020

If you have ever had to move a couch for someone you know that there are at least two major anxiety points in every such trip: how are you going to fit through the door going out, and then the same again going back in when you reach your destination. We may have vague understandings of how large something is or what its dimensions are, but for many people, written numbers without a visual reference point are close to meaningless. Unless you always carry around a tape measure it can feel impossible to know if your hunch about something’s size is correct. What’s even worse is if you’re buying something online, sight unseen, at which point you have no visual reference. Isn’t it difficult to shop for furniture online, trying to pick something when you’re not sure if what you’re buying will fit through your door?

The solution to all this uncertainty is VolumeAR. It is a tool designed to leverage Augmented Reality to help users better understand the world around them and solve problems just like these. We often have a vague understanding of what some arbitrary unit of measurement looks like, but unless someone is constantly carrying around specific tools with them wherever they go there was no way to be sure. This is no longer the case.

Using the power of AR, VolumeAR allows any user to instantly turn their iPhone or iPad into an on the go reference device. The app presents users with three basic shapes and the power to adjust them however they like, all while placing the objects in their space. Seeing really is believing, and now it’s understanding too.